My Macbook is back in action!

I haven’t been on WordPress in a while. I really haven’t had the time to devote to making blogs. It really is a lot of work. However, I want to make some posts about what projects I’ve been working on. It will have to wait though, I don’t have any pictures to post! I have been crocheting neck warmers lately after a rampage of crocheting bracelets, and they are all for Christmas presents. I am really excited about the neck warmers. I am also excited because I get to go buy some new yarn on Monday! WOOHOO!

There was something that was hindering my WordPressiness in the last year or so… I spilled wine on my Macbook Pro back in February or so and I haven’t been in the computer mood since then. You could say I was in mourning. BUT… a few weeks ago, I opened my laptop just to give it another try and see how it was working now. See, it was partially working before but not enough to use it, that was after my husband dissected it and cleaned it. When I opened it back up, it worked, like normal. It has been working like normal since, except the battery is not connected so I have to be plugged in all the time (laptop).

Anyway, I just lost my train of thought… And that means that this post is DONE! ha ha!

Peace, Love and Crochet for today! YAY!

Crochet purse and two WIPs


Last week I finished up the handle or strap on my crochet purse. I crocheted most of this purse last winter. I even used it for a little while before I added the strap. I used straps from another purse temporarily. Anyway, I used RedHeart Supersaver yarn that had been on sale. I crocheted with 4 stands for the body of the purse, the sides. Then, for the ends, I used 2 stands. On the inside, I used one stand to crochet all the pockets. I love pockets. Actually, all the pockets in this purse were made to fit each item I planned on putting in it. For example, one pocket was designed to hold my Galaxy Note II and one pocket was designed to hold my wallet. There is a pen holder, a pocket for my phone charger, a pocket for hairties and barrettes, and a pocket for a cigarette pack. After using it with the temporary straps, I started to crochet the strap. Which, I used two stands to crochet.



I have also been working on some leg warmers. I have been using my Afghan hook to make them. However, they aren’t going to be wide enough to be able to go around my legs, so I decide to make some squares to join the sides of the Afghan stitched pieces.



And last but not least, the crochet skirt I’ve been working on… I think I started this last summer. I am using Lion’s Brand Homespun for this skirt and it’s a little expensive. I started with a skein of the “Nuavoue” colorway and used that up. I went back to the store months later to get another skein and they didn’t have anymore of that colorway. So, I looked for a colorway that would match. I couldn’t find one I was satisfied with, until I saw the ” Edwardian” colorway, which is sort of a mix of light gray and dark charcoal gray colors. Those two colorways are going very well together.



So… that is all for now. My husband and I got to go to Hershey Park with friends of ours yesterday. It was their wedding gift to us. We had an awesome time! I am so pooped today though!
Peace, Love, and fun with friends!

I am a several projects type of lady…


I realize why I have so many projects started and so many WIP’s. Some I continuously work on and some get set aside for a while. The reason is, I think, because I get bored… even though I love what I am working on, I have to take breaks and let my mind rest on a certain creative “puzzle”.
Recently, I have been feeling like something was missing. I was working on beading, and only one project. I was starting to get bored… but here is what that piece of beadwork looks like at this point…


This is going to be a choker style necklace, in free-form peyote. It is for myself and the arrowhead pendant is removable.
Last night I was thinking about crochet because I was relaxing on the couch and didn’t feel like sitting at my beading table to bead. I was bored though. So I got out my WIP crochet bag that has two projects in it. I finished this one that I started a few months ago and then got bored…


So, it is a crocodile stitch cover for my little “book”, a beading needle book that I made. I used size 10 crochet thread that I have had for a very ling time. I actually have found that I enjoy working with crochet thread. At first it is really awkward, but after getting used to it, it comes more easily. I still need to attach this cover to the book now.
Also, I posted before about free-form peyote and a wrap bracelet… well, it is finished now and it turned out really neat.


I will be adding a listing on my Etsy shop for this bracelet, I just haven’t gotten there yet… I was hoping to have another piece to list at the same time, but we will see.
Here is a picture of the arrowhead pendant as I was beading it. See, it is a very sacred thing to me as it was my father’s and he died when I was almost 2 years old. So, I have been wearing it alot on a certain chain, but I wanted a new look for it…


At this point, I think I have showed you all everything I have to show! But I still have a few projects that I need to work on and finish. I am making some leg warmers… and I am trying some free-form crochet with them. Also, I have a skirt I have been working on for a few years…

Anyway, thanks for reading!
Peace, Love and multi-WIP’s!

Something different and incredibly Interesting


I took a little break from the fox beadwork I was working on. I’m almost finished that piece but I wanted to start something else…
I found a few old bracelets that I saved to “do something with” the other day. So I started thinking about wrap bracelets… I then started to think about free form peyote stitch. So I looked up some pictures for inspiration and last night I got started.
This is what I came up with so far:


It is going to be a wrap bracelet by the time I am done. Free form is so fun… I am really excited about this piece!
Peace, Love, and free form peyote stitch!



So, here is what I’ve been Working on this week So far. Its for my husband…


I’ve made some really good progress on it this week. (I started it a while ago). I would say that I am definitely not a professional beader. There is so much I am learning as I go. One thing I will point out is, Czech glass sead beads are not really uniform, one color can be drastically thinner than another color. This is what happened to this design of mine. The blue beads are wider than the black beads.
I just had to edit the design a little as I went and eliminate some Columns of beads. I constantly have to remind myself that nothing is perfect… And I am still very excited and proud of myself with this piece.

So, thank you for reading!
peace, Love, and imperfection!

I’m Back!


So It has been forever! At least it feels that way.
I got through another school Year of Driving school bus. It was a pretty intense Year. My bus caught on fire on Feb. 13 while I was transporting 40 elementary students to school. Everyone was ok, but my bus was a total loss. That was the most major event of the year.
School ended on June 7th and since then, I’ve been chillin’ at home with my family and doing crafts. My school bus recert is this year. So I passed the written part at Penn Dot and am waiting for sometime this Summer to do the driving part.
Lately, on the craft front, the made My mom a cute little hippy purse. I don’t have pictures of it though, It was a little sewing project. I’ve also finished my first beaded bag, which I started a While ago.


I also made a beaded ring, I gave it to my dad on Father’s Day… Just a little token.


So, for now that is all. I am doing my posts from my phone now, I got it in December. And my MacBook is currently down for the count. It took a little bath in wine.
Anyway! Peace, Love, and my Android!
Thanks for reading!

It’s been so long…

I think I might be going through a bit of WordPress with draw. I have been just busy since the beginning of the school year. My youngest just turned 5 in September and my oldest is turning 8 tomorrow. I’ve been trying to climb out of the summer slump and back into the swing of getting important things under control. I am speaking, of course, of bills and other important related maters. My electric was almost shut off about 2 weeks ago. Also, my children are with my husband and I full time now. There was an incident near the end of July and my children do not want to see their father anymore. There are custody matters I have to attend to.

I have been working on some things, though, I don’t have pictures right now. I made several cloth menstrual pads. I was obsessed for a little while with that. I’ve also started making crochet tampons. I’m not as obsessed with that, but I still am eager to finish some. For my youngest son’s birthday, I made him a pillow pet, which needs to be fixed already. For my oldest son’s birthday, I made him a little “nest” for his stuffed animal puppies and a pillow out of a shirt from his kindergarten class. I’ve also been working here and there on my “overskirt” for work for this winter, which I am crocheting with Lion’s brand Homespun.

Alright, I changed my mind and I am going to add some quick pics:

This is the organic un-dyed, un-bleached cotton sport weight yarn I ordered from Knit Picks to make my crochet tampons with. You can see a tampon WIP there, its the first one I have attempted. Here is the pattern I am using.


And this is my lovely overskirt. It has belt holes in the  waist band and it is a bit ruffly at the moment, but I think as it gets longer it will not look so ruffly.

I have been collecting patterns like crazy over the last two months or so. I created a Ravelry account and was downloading free patterns left and right. There is so much I want to make and try but so little time right now. I think as the winter goes on, I will be able to find a little more time (I hope!).

Well that is all for now… Oh… I have seen some really awesome knitted and crocheted items in the Reader from some other WordPressers this evening… It inspires me :)

So, Peace, Love and Organic Cotton!